Atlantis Global System

Logistics Management and Mobility Solutions

  • AGSConecta

    The AGSConecta application is a multilingual solution aimed at meeting the basic needs of location, management and control in compliance with the cold chain in the various fleet of small businesses, and to facilitate the guests (Contracting) viewing vehicles that serve them contracted transportation service to our customers, as long as it lasts.

  • AGSConecta Pro

    Professional solution oriented to meet the logistical needs of all types of businesses that require an added value in the administration, management and control "on-line" of their vehicle fleets. Professional features have been incorporated for the "on-line" control and management of the cold chain, CanBus data, digital tachograph, etc., as well as advanced administrative tools, allowing to delegate to other the monitoring of their vehicles, thus improving relations of integration with other industry and end customers.

  • AGSConecta Mobile

    A Mobile solution for smartphones and tablets that helps to allow access to fleet information, and both small companies, as service users contracting the transport of these (guests).

  • AGSTermotel

    Application oriented contracting for transport services from our customers who require temperature control, allowing them both an access in real time or when the journey is finished. Temperature records are obtained graphically and are able to print the appropriate reports.

  • AGSTermotel Pro

    It is a solution for centralized management in real-time, for both the Thermograph- Connect, and Termotel. Suitable for multiple cold rooms of different customer distribution centers.

  • AGSTermotel Pro Mobile

    Mobile solution for smartphones and tablets that allows access to information distribution centers with digital thermographs Conecta + Termotel installed in cold stores.

  • AGSTermotel Lite

    Multilingual Solution for the cold rooms in distribution centers and refrigerated trailers equipped with Conecta + TERMOTEL digital thermometer, developed to manage configuration and visualization.

  • Solution

    The Integral Solution combines both the Professional Transport solution and the solution for Cold Rooms. It is designed for customers who need telematics control in its distribution centers and in their vehicle fleets.

  • Solution
    Proffesional Transport

    The solution for professional transport is specially designed to meet the logistical needs of different fleets of vehicles in all types of businesses, enabling an advanced “on-line” operation of the telematics area of the different devices that are engaged in the vehicles, and enable the control and professional management of your activity.

  • Solution
    Basic Transport

    The solution for basic transport is oriented mainly to freelancers and individuals with small fleets of vehicles, as well as users sent from the Solution for Professional Transportation.

  • Solution
    Cold Rooms

    The solution for distribution centers´ cold rooms is ideal for the telematics management of all these cold rooms from a single interface, adapted to different formats depending on the device used, which simplifies the control and management of the digital telematics thermographs Conecta + Termotel installed them.


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