AGS Conecta+ iON:
data processing and telematics
management in real-time

Conecta+ iON is an M2M device for positioning via GPS/GLONASS that integrates a wide range of different technologies and communication interfaces, designed under a flexible hardware architecture to adapt to all the different environmental conditions and types of vehicles for which it is intended. Additionally, has a specialized functionality provided by its large data processing capacity, and the continuous R&D carried out by AGS, based on its extensive experience in the real-time telematics control and management of fleets of industrial vehicles.

The Conecta+ iON device, in any of its finishing variants, is especially recommended for use in combination with the Conecta+ iTS Compact digital thermograph and the AGS Telematics Services Platform, to provide the end-user maximum benefits, obtained from real-time telematics control and management, which enhances traceability in compliance with the requirements established in the cold chain.

Conecta+ iON

The compact digital thermograph from AGS marks a turning point in the upgrading of the cold chain

Standard finish.Suitable for installation in all type of rigid industrial vehicle fleets

  • Real-time display and tracking of vehicle positioning via GPS/GPRS
  • Wired or wireless connection with the Conecta+ iTS Compact digital thermograph
  • Programming and real-time control with multiple alarms (input/output to POIs or geographic zones, speed, temperature, improper opening of doors, stop time, etc.).
  • Remote over the air and automatic firmware updates.
  • In addition to these features, AGS Conecta+ iON allows you to control other elements of the vehicle.
  • CANBus/OBD II data Reading.
  • Digital tachograph and driver card data remote reading and downloading.
  • Driver behavior analysis.
  • Connection to external peripherals via digital and analog inputs and outputs (e.g. magnetic door open/close sensor, ignition locking/unlocking system, cold unit start, start signal on/off, etc.).

Premium Finish. It incorporates an IP-68-rated enclosure and box to be attached outside of the vehicle, which also protects against washing with pressurized water.

Designed for use on light and heavy, rigid or articulated vehicles, it adds many additional features to the standard version.

  • Connection to the interface of the cooling equipment and use of the bidirectional protocol (depending on installation).
  • Wireless connection to the Conecta+ device for online reading and reporting of data coming from the vehicle's EBS unit, and/or the TPMS system (from integrated manufacturers) if factory fitted.
  • Control of vehicle´s door loading/unloading activity.
  • Connection to the principal thermographs on the market provided with analog probes and ticket printers.

Conecta iON: features

Advanced functionality for rigid vehicles

  • On-line monitoring and remote download of the digital tachograph.
  • Real-time reading and reporting of the obtained data coming from the CANBus or OBD/OBD II line.
  • Creation, management, and reporting of vehicle´s journeys, including driver behavior and efficiency analysis.
  • Control and management of temperature data coming from each Conecta+ iTS Compact digital thermograph, both fixed and wireless.

Advanced functionalities for articulated vehicles

  • Wireless identification and real-time control of the sub-assemblies (tractor and semi-trailer) that make up the articulated vehicle.
  • Control and management of temperature data obtained from the Conecta+ iTS Compact digital thermographs.
  • Connection to the main cooling equipment interface and its bi-directional protocol (depending on the installation) for:
    • Display of total hours of activity in diesel and electric mode. Working mode by zones, vehicle battery voltage level, alarm code, etc.
    • Display of temperatures for each of the "zones" (up to 3) of the vehicle; setpoint, cooling, return, and evaporator.
    • Sending of remote programming commands (on/off, work mode, setpoint, etc.) for each of the "zones".
  • Wireless connection to the Conecta+ accessory, for online reading and reporting of data coming from the vehicle's EBS unit, and/or the TPMS system.
  • Connection to the principal thermographs on the market provided with analog probes and thermal ticket printers.

Functionality for cold rooms equipped with iTS compact

  • Real-time display and monitoring of recorded temperatures and incidents, in each of the Conecta+ iTS compact devices, as well as the location where they are installed.
  • Connection to different cold-storage room peripherals through their digital inputs/outputs and analog inputs, such as; magnetic door open/close sensor, cold equipment on/off signal, acoustic signal activation/notification to ARC when a temperature alarm is generated, etc.
  • Programming and control in real-time of multiple available alarms, such as; temperature, humidity, communications, power, etc...
  • Remote and automatic firmware updates.

Conecta+ iON: main features

Compliant Regulations: • CE
• Regulation 10
Storage eMMC de 8 GB internal memory.
Conecta+ iON: 109 x 86 x 26 mm.
Conecta+ iON Premium: 109 x 86 x 26 mm.
Premium outer cover: 147 x 140 x 32,8 mm.
Climáticas y protección
Nominal working temperature: -30 ºC / 60 ºC
Storage temperature: -35 ºC / 65 ºC
IP protection range: • Conecta+ iON: IP20
• Conecta+ iON Premium: IP68
Supply voltage (VDC): 12 / 24 V
Operating Limits : 8 / 32 V
Average consumption: 30 mA
Internal battery: Rechargeable 1800 mAh
Low consumption mode: • With external power supply: < 5 mA
• With internal battery only: < 1 mA
External power supply:
220/24 V (available only for permanent installations such as cold-store rooms
Cable communication buses: • Conecta+ iON: 1 x RS-485, 2 x RS-232, 1 x CAN o RS485
• Conecta+ iON Premium: 1 x RS-485, 1 x RS-232, 1 x RS-232 o CAN o RS485
GSM/GPRS: • Quand-band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• GPRS Multi-Clot Class 12
• Protocols: TCP/UDP/FTP/HTTP
• Support SMS
• Integrated eSIM and nanoSIM socket
• Autonomous AGPS
Bluetooth: 3.0 (Classic) / 5.0 (BLE)
Digital inputs: 2 x Active (8 to 32 V), 2 x Active (GND )
Analog inputs: 2 (de 0 a 10 V)
Digital outputs: 4 type Open Drain. Maximum current, 500 Ma