AGS: a reference in innovation and development

A Spanish company that has marked a milestone in the evolution of the cold industry. Long-term vision, innovation and audacity to create disruptive solutions are the main values of the company.

Founded in 2004 by Rafael del Pino Atlantis Global System, S.L.U. (AGS) began its activities with the development of telematic control and management solutions for freight vehicles using GPS location devices. Through its more than 15 years of history, AGS has been innovating with the aim of integrating technologies and services to meet the needs of its customers, as well as the cold rooms belonging to food and / or medicine distribution centers.

In 2011, AGS presents the first telematics digital thermograph, which allows controlling the temperature of the goods in real-time. The new device, moreover, has been incorporated as a great novelty that could be used not only in vehicles but also in the cold-storage rooms of both food and pharma distribution centers.

In 2013, AGS receives the certification for the application of Module D to the manufacture of its digital telematics thermograph, Conecta+ Termotel, and one year later the company moves its facilities to the Scientific and Technological Park of Almeria.

In 2015, the professional solutions of AGS destined to the transport and cold rooms in distribution centers, are certified according to Annex 11 of the "Guide of Correct Manufacture of Medicines of Human and Veterinary Use" required by the Ministry of Health. One year later, in 2016, it receives the Andalusia Excellence Award.

In 2017, AGS launches AGS Termotel S,becoming the first modular telematics digital thermograph, intending to simplify its management and maintenance for the user. In case of failure, for example, only the damaged module needs to be repaired or replaced, leaving the rest of the system fully operational. Moreover, this process could be carried out by the user himself.

The new Termotel S also improved energy consumption efficiency (the lowest in its segment) and had digital temperature probes with an average error of +/- 0.05 ºC.

En 2021 ase lanzó una nueva generación de soluciones que supuso un nuevo paso de gigante para la industria del frío.

AGS's new flagship product is the Conecta + iTS Compact digital thermograph, which has a finishing option for autonomous and portable use.

iTS Compact is a turning point for the refrigeration industry, as it incorporates in a single ultra-compact device, the electronics of the temperature recorder and the probe, and can be applied both to the good transportation vehicles and to the cold-storage rooms of the distribution centers.

AGS Global System: a trusted partner for companies working in the cold chain

Today, AGS technology provides telematics coverage throughout Europe, North Africa, and Central America, with more than 40% of its customers included in the top 50 companies transporting goods subject to controlled temperature in Spain.

Besides, throughout these years, our customers in the world of food have joined service operators, passenger transport, cranes, road assistance, parcel delivery, commercial fleets, and companies in the pharmaceutical sector, who demand it for the optimal conservation and transportation of their medicines.

AGS has its engineering and development department, made up of highly qualified professionals and experts in developing solutions for the transport sector in its various fields and activities, easily and efficiently integrating the most advanced telematics technologies to develop planning, management, control, and mobility applications.