AGS: control and efficiency for the cold chain

In the cold chain, maintaining the quality of products and services is the differentiating factor. The future lies in ensuring the consumer the cold chain is never broken and the products maintain all the conditions and quality standards for their consumption.

AGS, a pioneer and leader in management and control solutions for the cold chain, integrates the most advanced technologies to preserve the cold chain and ensure regulatory compliance.

AGS® solutions meet the most demanding needs for the control and management of industrial vehicles fleets through advanced, efficient and intuitive telematics.

  • GPS positioning and telemetry data connected to the onboard devices.
  • A complete organized interface for each type of information, from where the user can access, in a very quick and easy way, to the real-time data obtained from the onboard devices as well as the stored historical data.
  • An ideal solution for transport agencies and companies with a large fleet of vehicles, from which they can effectively manage the services provided to their end customers.
  • Real-time control and supervision of the temperature at which the goods subject to compliance with the cold chain are transported.
  • Possibility of configuring multiple programmable alarms, either for temperature or other features that may affect the activity of the vehicle fleet.
  • Maximum reliability, easy-to-use, in continuous evolution (constant R&D), and modular structure that allows adapting its contents to the needs of each client.

Conecta + iTS Compact: real-time temperature control in an ultra-compact device.

The compact and portable digital thermograph Conecta+ iTS Compact, manufactured by AGS, is the first in the market to comply with the requirements established in the new European Standard UNE-EN 12830:2019 and, metrological control required by the Spanish government, in the Order ICT 155/2020, and thanks to its innovative character, it provides greater flexibility of use and application possibilities to the user for the control and compliance of the cold chain.

  • Valid for the transport of goods subject to controlled temperature and the cold rooms of food and/or pharma distribution centers.
  • Class 0.5.
  • Resolution of 0.01 ºC.
  • Average error below 0.1 ºC in the -30 ºC to +30 ºC temperature range.
  • It allows direct wireless connection through the AGS iTS Mobile app with Android or iOS operating system mobile devices.

Battery version (portable and rechargeable)

Wired Finish (permanent installations)

AGS: an integral solution for the cold chain