Atlantis Global System S.L.U.:
Maximum control and efficiency for the cold chain

In the cold chain, maintaining the quality of products and services is the differentiating factor. The future lies in ensuring the consumer the cold chain is never broken and the products maintain all the conditions and quality standards for their consumption.

AGS, a pioneer and Leader Company in cold chain management and control solutions, integrates the most advanced technologies to preserve the cold chain and ensure regulatory compliance.

transport fleet

AGS Conecta + iTS Compact: the first compact digital telematic thermograph

Conecta + iTS Compact is the first compact digital thermograph on the market. A small device that, for the first time, integrates both the thermograph and the probe. With the flexibility of being able to be used both in fixed installations and in a stand-alone and portable way, iTS Compact brings new options to improve control and compliance of the cold chain.

iTS Compact is also the first digital telematic thermograph to comply with the most recent regulations, both at the European level (UNE-EN 12830: 2019) and at the national level (ICT Order 155/2020).


AGS Conecta + iON: data processing and telematic management in real time

Conecta+ iON is an M2M device for positioning via GPS / GLONASS that integrates a wide set of different communication technologies and interfaces. Designed under a flexible hardware architecture, iON can adapt to all types of environmental and vehicle conditions, and has a wide data processing capacity.

Available in a standard version or with a Premium box for outdoor use, Conecta+ iON adapts to all types of environmental conditions, standing out for its real-time data processing capacity, which gives it great value for the control and management of fleets of vehicles and cold rooms.