Logistics, track&trace, and control for your business

AGS solutions are adapted to your track&trace needs and the size of your fleet,
providing you maximum control and provide maximum confidence for your customers

Basic transport solution

Our basic solution for transport is mainly aimed at the self-employed and individuals with small vehicle fleets.

With the AGS applications: AGS Conecta, AGS Conecta Premium y las apps AGS Conecta Mobile y AGS iTS Mobile you will be able to maintain centralized control of the location of your vehicles and check temperature data through the Conecta+ iTS Compact digital thermograph installed in the vehicles.

Professional transport solution

A solution designed to cover the needs of all kind of professional transportation companies and their vehicle fleet, allowing advanced online data mining through the management of telematics data from the vehicles, (GPS / GPRS, CanBus, EOBD, digital tachograph, digital thermograph compact Conecta + iTS Compact, etc.), and also a truly professional control and management of your business.

A modular and scalable approach will also allow you to optimize operating and maintenance costs.

Distribution centers
(cold rooms)

Real-time temperature control and centralized management for cold-storage rooms. Our control and online telematics management of cold rooms solution located in distribution centers for food, pharma, etc. are ideal for centralizing and optimizing the management of all of them from a single interface.

Adapted to different formats according to the device used, with this solution you will have an easy way to control and manage the digital thermographsinstalled in different cameras, and different users enabled in the AGS Telematics Services Platform.

Integral solution for vehicles and Cold Rooms

Our comprehensive solution offers control over the vehicles(temperature, consumption, driving times...), and you will be able to control in a centralized and simple way and all your cold rooms from a single interface.

Our mobile app will allow you to keep control even when you are far away from the facilities, and you will also be able to provide external access to customers to increase the added value of the service.